1.17.17 6:40am FHS We The People Unit Meetings
1.17.17 8:10am CH Sign Choir Rehearsal
1.17.17 9:10am FT: Imke - Project COmpass to Pipeline Training Center, Lima
1.17.17 10:00am FCS Attendance Conference
1.17.17 2:45pm FHS Department Chair Meeting
1.17.17 2:45pm FHS Gifted Mentorship Meetings
1.17.17 3:00pm BasketBall Practice
1.17.17 3:00pm FHS Dance Team Practice
1.17.17 3:00pm FHS FFE Rehearsal "Full Group with Andy"
1.17.17 3:00pm FHS Speech and Debate Practice
1.17.17 3:00pm FHS Theatre Musical Rehearsal
1.17.17 3:00pm FHS VIP Show Choir
1.17.17 4:00pm FHS Pantasia Rehearsal
1.17.17 4:30pm DO BBK @ Lima South
1.17.17 4:30pm GL BBK @ Fremont MS
1.17.17 4:30pm GL GBK w/ Fremont
1.17.17 5:00pm FHS 9BBBK w/ Arlington
1.17.17 6:00pm MCC Adult Ed - Powerpoint Basics - rm B128
1.17.17 6:30pm FHS 9GBK w/ Arlington
1.17.17 6:30pm FHS SW w/ Perrysburg
1.18.17 6:40am FHS We The People Unit Meetings
1.18.17 6:45am FHS STAND Weekly Meetings
1.18.17 9:50am FCS Administration - Thrive
1.18.17 10:45am Army National Guard Lunch Visit
1.18.17 12:00pm FHS Comedy Club Meeting
1.18.17 2:45pm FHS Chess Club Meetings
1.18.17 3:00pm FHS FFE Rehearsal with Andy
1.18.17 3:00pm FHS Hockeyettes Meeting
1.18.17 3:00pm FHS Theatre Musical Rehearsal
1.18.17 3:00pm FHS Winter Cheer Practice