12.18.17 6:45am FHS We the People Unit Meetings
12.18.17 9:30am JE Kindergarten Gingerbread House projects
12.18.17 3:00pm FHS Athletics Practices
12.18.17 3:30pm FHS VIP Show Choir
12.18.17 4:30pm DN GBK w/ Jefferson
12.18.17 4:30pm DO BBK @ Jefferson
12.18.17 4:30pm GL BBK w/ Washington
12.18.17 4:30pm GL GBK @ Washington JH
12.18.17 6:00pm FHS Drumline Rehearsal
12.18.17 6:00pm FHS JVGBK @ Oregon Clay
12.18.17 7:00pm GFBO Basketball Officials Meeting
12.18.17 7:00pm MCC - Robotics
12.18.17 7:30pm FHS GBK @ Oregon Clay
12.19.17 6:45am FHS We the People Unit Meetings
12.19.17 10:00am FHS Attendance Program Weekly Conference
12.19.17 11:30am Ohio National Guard Lunch Table
12.19.17 3:00pm FHS Athletics Practices
12.19.17 3:00pm FHS Speech and Debate
12.19.17 3:30pm GIRLS ON THE RUN
12.19.17 4:00pm FHS Pantasia Rehearsal
12.19.17 4:30pm FHS WR @ Van Buren
12.19.17 5:00pm FHS 9BBK Gold w/ Oregon Clay
12.19.17 7:00pm FHS Band Rehearsal
12.20.17 TBD DO WR @ Fassett (Clay HS)
12.20.17 6:45am FHS We the People Unit Meetings
12.20.17 7:00am FHS FCA Meetings
12.20.17 2:40pm FHS Chess Club Meetings
12.20.17 2:45pm FHS Hockeyettes
12.20.17 3:00pm FHS Athletics Practices
12.20.17 3:00pm FHS Speech and Debate Practice